Monday, September 29, 2008

Sept. 21 - Hash #911 - Rosadomb

Hare: Me
Scribe: NFG Kinga

On September the 21, our trail was set by St Anus. It led us through Rózsadomb – some of you who happen to live here in this beautiful country of ours, and still choose not to learn the language, but surround yourselves with merely English speakers and try to live like in a bubble - well, if you are one of those, you might not know that Rózsadomb means Rose Hill.

Although I usually prefer walking in forests rather than along public roads, there was not much traffic, so it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed this trail a lot, I found it physically challenging enough with all those steep steps and slopes, and also liked the unpredictability of where those little winding alleys and steps might take us. Smokers who had a hard time climbing uphill are now strongly encouraged to consult me for some medical advice.

Pussy Willow was very kind, she explained to me all about this flour sign system. As I understand, it is part of the game that the sign is without an arrow. So the runners do the harder job. Next time when I join the runners, I suggest not helping walkers and turning the sign into an arrow! I would prefer not making life any easier for anyone. (Yes, yes, now you must have recognized me. It is your teacher speaking :o)

It was a nice surprise that the trail finally led through some woods and most of all that it ended at Pálvölgyi cave. It was a pity that some people left before the circle.

It turned out that the mysterious new guy called David was Sex Tax’s brother. I found it quite strange that his hair was not white. I loved those obscene songs. Bang Cock let us take a glimpse into his musical talent. (Where can I get the lyrics?) The choice of beers was really excellent, but! You should be more careful about the temperature. The kind I had to drink as punishment was really too cold. I was punished several times, so it was really endangering my health. (Is there someone who could back this outrageous wives tale up???)

Those who didn’t continue up to the restaurant, can be really sorry. You missed a great time, some delicious gulyás and some hilarious scenes as well. Giving Head was so desperate, she was only willing to share her leftover food in exchange for some male company. Unfortunately, the blackmail was unfruitful. Well, keep trying, better luck next time :o)


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