Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept 7th - Hash #909

Hare : Cheesy Balls
Scribe: Oral Orgasm

We had a fairly short Hash today, starting off at our usual meeting spot, then taking a tram towards our final destination of Budafok. Cheesy Balls earned his name again today because he must have found the cheesiest and trashiest trail he could, laying a trail through garbage mounds, railway tracks and some other areas where I would not want to be during the night. Our model, Nata, was kind enough to pose with some of the garbage. Ten minutes later and halfway to our destination, having viewed some road kill, we found ourselves at our first beer stop, a little place called Pistaneni Sorozo, where we drank our first refreshment of the day (well, for some it was the first of the day) and dined on tastefully presented peanuts.

After waiting and waiting for Wash and Blow, Baldric and Jaws to come out of the washroom (why did they all go at the same time and why did they take so long?), we made a short jaunt to the Wine Festival in Budafok. After sampling some good ol’ deep fried Hungarian food and drinking wine and champagne, we hiked up a hill to our down down winery. However, when the runners got there, they were told that the winery was closed. Now, Cheesy Balls did say that he drank a lot of and went to a number of places on Saturday, so he must have forgotten to ask whether or not they were open on Sunday and what time they closed. It’s a good thing that the owners took pity on us and “allowed” us to buy several bottles of their fermented grape juice.

During our circle, our RA did a very good job in getting us to drink a lot of wine but was unable to keep control of his drunken brood. It’s a good thing he’s bald because if he wasn’t, he would have been pulling his hair out. When we FINALLY finished our circle, we stumbled our way down the hill to a recommended restaurant called Istvan Tatany. There, we settled our bones to listen to a Hungarian man singing and playing the keyboard. He was so good, that some of us felt inspired to join him. I decided to accompany him by doing my Muslim women’s cry of LALALALALALALA. He seemed to enjoy my addition because his hair almost stood on end. Then Wash and Blow stole the microphone and sang a song and made funny noises. After much dancing, falling on the ground, hiding behind aprons and doing a great rendition of a Hash song, we left the restaurant, to the sorrow of some of the Hungarian patrons.

When we reached the street, some of our party had disappeared into parts unknown (did they go somewhere else to drink more wine?). Six of us took the tram back, where we continued our appreciated talents by singing Yellow Submarine, but changing these two words to “yellow tram” in Hungarian. Our fellow travelers enjoyed our singing very much and were sad to get off. At Moszkva Ter, some die hearts resumed their merriment at the Moszkva Ter Café.

OnOn Oral Orgasm (that means orgasms in my mouth)

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