Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blue Danube H3 Cruise 2007 - Esztergom

The Esztergom run went very well, the Danube level was just low enough to dock, although part of the planned trail was under water, we found a revised route OK through a rugby pitch (only to find they were playing when the run started!. They loved the run around the town, the outskirts with traditional wine cellars and up the hills (although some complained about the 'up'). Many said it was the best hash of the trip, so we think Budapest has done a good job.

The FRB trail took them up pretty high up for good views, only one got lost at the top (after stopping to leak, only to find everyone gone and the sneaky trail difficult to find . Best was the wine stop with a wooden barrel with 50L wine for the ~125 hashers. It all went (some as down-downs later in the circle). Sandor, the old guy who grew the grapes and made the wine seemed very proud with all the complements, and the little road which was totally blocked with the sweaty bodies had never been so busy. Most walkers and runners got to the wine stop in about 45 min as expected, but Haggis was 'sweeping' the slow walkers, including Bill who is 85, so they were somewhat late. But all eventually got their wine.

The beer not drunk Tuesday all went on Thursday, so almost everything we bought for the runners was consumed. Another 25 T-shirts went OK - I was hoping for more sales, but most hashers seemed to have so many T-shirts that they could not manage another one.

Sadly the Wolf became ill in Bp and needed a doctor - so rest and no alcohol for a while. Lisbet took him by car to the wine stop where he enjoyed the ambiance if not the wine. Wash & Blow lost something on the boat Tuesday, nobody admitted to anything so nothing was recovered for her. The circle was well run by Kingfisher, with a lot of good Hash amusement and plenty of beer. It was a sad moment when Haggis and Incredible were chucked off the boat before it left for Bratislava - but a very good day all round !


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