Monday, September 3, 2007

Sept 2nd - Hash #863 HHH


The Outsourcing Run

We were the last to arrive as I had mucked around the house debating about whether to attend due to my child carrier (aka my other half “Come and Go” – aptly named you will notice) being out of the country. Fortunately the Budapest Pack has an intellectual IQ that appeals to 3.5 year old “Eagle Eye” and I was able to outsource child entertainment for a substantial part of the afternoon.

We moved by car convey (the hare squashed into the boot of my car) to the start of the run which I understand to be the end of the 56 or 65 bus. Anyway, we were headed for the highest point in Budapest - a thought I relished with a 15.5kg handicap.

Eagle Eye and myself started somewhat slowly as we collected several rocks, sticks and examined carefully the blobs (few and far between). Pussy Willow and Sheila doubled back to make sure we were still en-route. Pussy Willow accepted a huge stick as a gift from Eagle Eye which she managed to carry around for the entire run including the bus and tram trip back to the circle.

Up and up we went following a blob approx. each kilometre. At last we arrived at the beer stop and we were glad to be ahead of the main group of walkers. Drinks were ordered and I made the fatal mistake to order a shandy. This was mainly because I wanted to seem a responsible parent on the descent, which would most likey involve carrying Eagle Eye. Some locals helped with translation and I ended up with a small beer and juice – bloody useless translators! Then about 5mins later some bread and dripping arrived as the Shandy! It was so warmly received by the pack that a plate of it was ordered and quickly eaten up over another round.

The sky looked ominous, so we started to make our way back. The runners speed off and the walkers talked and talked and walked straight past a false trail mark….thinking we were being super clever and that all roads lead to beer. Not so! As we descended we started to realise that we were actually no where close to where we were meant to be. Cross examining several locals and a bus driver saw us get on a bus then a tram to meet with the rest of the pack.

The circle was behind a local church with many crimes being punished and a general whip around for money for Jaws to buy more flour next time.

The evening commenced with a trip to a local pizza joint and another Sunday bloody Sunday used up on a load of good for nothings…well at least they are good entertainment for a child!

Till next week when Eagle Eye and parents set our first Budapest trail.

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