Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sept. 16th - Hash #865

Sunday 16 September 2007
Hare & Scribe - Sexytax

Hares and scribes being reluctant to volunteer, these tasks were therefore combined on this occasion. The main attraction this week for our less active friends was that this hash was completely flat, no mountains, hills, cliffs or precipices laid in wait, just lots of Flatness. Hajogyari (Obudai) Sziget was the destination, previously only known to most as the location for thousands of spaced-out music fans enjoying the annual Sziget Festival, however for fifty-one weeks of the year it is a delightful and quiet island, ideal for a pleasant Sunday day out.
Eighteen hashers gathered in the sun waiting for the day’s events to unfold. Long queues in the supermarket whilst buying the beer and water delayed the start, but by 12:15 three cars and a small group travelling by HEV were on their way to the sziget. Only four runners went on ahead leaving the walkers to enjoy a pleasant stroll around the island, the main distractions were a hot-dog stall, which attracted our more hungry hashers and the children’s playground, the delights of which included slides. The sight of one, shall we say “well fed” hasher, scaling the ladders and squeezing into a stainless steel tube will stay with me for a long time and the fact that he emerged at the other end without getting stuck is a miracle – luckily we left before the police arrived!
The circle was again ably supervised by Incredible and as is usual, hash virgins who have previously promised they will have lunch and return next week, after the circle, mysteriously disappear and are never seen again – was it something we said?
Lunch was eventually taken at Rozmaring Kertvendeglo on the river near Arpad hid, much rearranging of furniture eventually saw us settled and a tasty meal with liquid accompaniments brought the day to a successful conclusion.

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