Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sept 23rd - Hash #866

Scribe: Incredible Hulk

Hashers met in the usual spot opposite the parliament building in brilliant sunshine under a blue sky. A fantastic day for being out in the Budapest countryside !

So where was everyone??? No Hare for the day, no GM (at home looking after his worn out pussy …… willow), no Baldrick, no Rabies, we didn't even have an Anus (Saint or otherwise). But we did have Run By Battery, Giving Head, French Maid, Haggis, Wet Blanket, a recovering Cheesy Balls (unable to do what his right hand is for) and Incredible Hulk, plus a good bevy of No-Names and Virgins.

We were too many for the 2 cars, so all headed for the end of the bus 11 route. Incredible, Cheesy Balls and his young virgin (he claims to be his Niece) were the only runners, so the 3 set off into the forest and set a flour train for the Walkers. The walkers got an easy trail to follow, along small paths, down the hill between some lovely old trees, eventually arriving at a view stop with a good vista over the valley. Then down into the valley on a suburban route, but at the bottom, back into the forest, along some small paths to avoid doubling back onto the track down, but the path got smaller and smaller, ending in the middle of a large area of stinging nettles.

After hunting around a bit, an exit was eventually found over some decorative piles of rubbish and through a wire fence, out onto a road. Flour blobs were set and the walkers complained it was too easy! (Wait for the next time then!). So onwards along the road, slowly uphill and eventually going right and up into the forest again, soon arriving back at the start. A nice stroll or jog on a wonderful day !

So back to the circle, with only one or 2 knowing the words of the songs, made it a tame affair. Virgins were christened, returners rewarded and the usual drinks spread around. Then most headed down the hill to a very nice resto, "Lugas" where the food was much enjoyed while sitting in the sunshine, especially the desserts which were good enough to give Erica several oral orgasms.

So – next week we hope for a good turn out, and hopefully a hare will be produced from the hat.


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