Friday, July 18, 2008

July 06, 2008, Hash #899

Hash 899 on July 6th 2008

Hare : Bang Cock

The crowd gathered in the usual location with splendid views of the Magyar Parliament buildings in brilliant sunshine. Oh what a great day for a hash ! The assembled hashers were more numerous than usual with assorted visitors and new residents. There were 2 teenage guys from LA, living with Bang Cock, he claimed they were 'sons of a friend' but we all had other suspicions (they admitted to being virgins and that Bang Cock had made them cum…. Draw your own conclusions….). Most other visitors were from the US, some were regular Tokyo hashers; and 2 Times a Weeny brought a Scottish hasher from Qatar. We even had a baby in a 3-wheel cross-country pushchair. Since we were about 25 people in all, there was not enough car space, so the motley crew set off by car or public transport in a northerly direction to the Practika store in Ujbuda. Cars parked with no shade from the sun, but it was not a long wait for the pubic travellers.

BC gave the usual incomprehensible instructions, and the runners headed off in all directions looking for flour, until an "On-On" sent everyone in the direction the walkers were going. Even the baby in the 3-wheeler was running… There was a slight problem since the trail was not going to be buggy-friendly. But BC fortunately knew some alternative routes for some of the difficult parts, but the runners didn't know what was coming…. And as for the walkers…..

The runners trail followed a wide overgrown track and after a check or 2 went into a well overgrown field, the undergrowth almost needed a machete, so the baby stroller definitely needed an alternative route. Everyone followed one by one up and up through long weeds and bushes, eventually coming out onto a road which overlooked Practika and the other stores and residential area. Not a bad view, and the walkers were going to see it often…

The check had several options going up, so of course it was the steepest one which was correct, all the runners headed up this way, and got pretty spread out as the fitter ones kept running and the others dropped further back. Fortunately there were water pumps at regular intervals, it was a hot, sweaty day. When the walkers go to the check, they didn’t find the trail (something about talking too much and not walking enough… So they headed along the road in one direction, then the other, then back again, in circles and up & down…. With no progress until further down the page…

The runners trail went up a deep gully, full of huge stones, bits of tree and the obligatory detritus of 'civilisation' that accumulates in such places. It was pretty hard going for the average hasher, the baby stroller was going to have a problem to get up this part! Eventually, up a steep bank and out the gully, the running trail became easier and everyone stretched out at full speed (or walked slowly…) further upwards. Always in forest, the trees were of different sorts and different heights, but always trees. So even when we reached the 'top' there were no Hash views, just more checks and more blobs along some really beautiful woodland trails. It was a real pleasure to be running around the area. Baldrick and Incredible eventually descended back into tarmac roads and continued on blobs until we saw the Walkers. So we knew we must be on the right trail, until the walkers explained that they were still near the start and had only walked up and down the same road…. It took the runners a couple of minutes to solve the route question, the return trail did get very close to the out trail at this point – and at this point it turned steep down hill, heading back to the cars. So a now very-spread-out hash trailed slowly back to the cars. Fortunately BC had forgotten to lock his car, so the cold beer and drinks were available!

A long circle with plenty of spurious calls in good spirit meant that the beer flowed well. Then after a rousing chorus of the Hash Hymn, we all wondered where to eat. Fortunately Haggis was able to give help by telephone – a nearby Indian resto was open – there were no other customers and the prices were low for Hungarian Indians, so a good crowd of Hashers got well fed with a wide variety of spicy dishes (some being surprisingly hotter than the menu indicated…)..

A good time had by all ! Thanks to the Hare BC !!

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