Friday, July 18, 2008

Juy 12, 2008 Hash #900


The great event of the Budapest Hash number 900 was a great success for all those who attended. A wonderful day of sunshine, running, beer and some very nice titties.

Rabies had made some lame excuse for not setting the trail, he was recovering from getting high (then low…). But we had Baldrick and Bang Cock as the hares on what seemed to be the hottest day of the year. The run started at our usual meeting spot across the river from the seat of power, where our glorious Prime Minister presides over his loyal parliamentarians.

I had a rapid drive from Balaton to get arrive in the nick of time (hoping no speed tickets turn up…) but I did pick up the late-cumer prize of being scribe for the day. It was a great pleasure to find our favourite Tulin had come all the way from Turkey to be with us! Visitors from LA, Kiev and Vienna helped make our numbers almost respectable, but what the Bp hash lacked in quantity was made up for in quality !

Baldrick explained how his marks were set, so nobody listened as usual and we set off in every direction to find the flour (well, almost every direction, only missing the one that had the trail). Eventually after much running up and down getting nowhere, the cry of "On On" was heard and the pack set off, running directly away from the river – this must be the direction of the Castle district….

Baldrick had set the first half, so there was no surprise when we found ourselves running up steps, higher and higher, then round and round, up and down, and searching for where the trail went …. But experienced hashers enjoy the challenge. We explored the Castle district, steps and ramparts, streets and pathways…. With many a tittie style check to keep our peckers up. At one pont the trail went over a series of cannons, so the non-geriatric hashers took glee in leaping over them… The obligatory stop for a rousing chorus of Father Abraham was made beside the tomb of the last Turkish ruler. Eventually, after what seemed like a long hash, we appeared out at the site of a splendid horse and rider – famous for the fact that the Budapest law students always reach up and touch the balls (of the horse, not the rider) for good luck before an exam. Incredible Hulk went one better and clambered up to kiss them…

On to a beer stop at a friendly little pub where we have been before (in red dresses in the snow if I remember well). The landlord did not crack the slightest smile to find all these sudden visitors wanting him to work hard at pouring beer… The other clients were not Hungarian, there were a group of Croats and an Irish guy who chatted and seemed as if he might at least join BH3 for social events sometime… A good long beer stop was what was needed to refresh all our hot sweaty parts before starting out again, towards the second half, set by Bang Cock. Inevitably, the trail headed in the direction of the citadel, firstly towards the Presidential Palace, then into the big courtyard in front of the museum which seemed to have no exits. But the crafty hare had found a way through, around more museum, even through an entrance hall (in one door and out another – where another horse became a victim of Incredible Hulk).

After several more very attractive tittie shaped checks, we bumper into our Australian/Austrian hashers who had some feeble excuse about a visitor preventing them celebrating our 900 run, happy memories of certain hashers emptying the whole wine cellar were recounted, before the hash continued, going down hill, then around and up to the citadel for another hash halt at the top. We were eventually heading down past St Gellert and down to the gardens near Rudas baths for a circle.

Our esteemed RA allowed us to toast the hares in the usual manner, despite the lack of our song-meister, songs flowed just as freely as the 'special' beer (brewed in an unknown country of origin). We all enjoyed the virgins and listened to find out who made them cum. The visitors from many parts swelled our membership, with the unforgettable lovely girls from Kiev, the Ukraine member who spoke like he came from a long way further west, and a Vienna member who sounded as if he was from far north of known civilisation.

The number of offences was remarkable, and the beer kept flowing… until the climax was reached with a triple naming ceremony. The flour and beer flowed even faster, all 3 had a good coating of the lovely sticky mixture by the time we finished. If I had drunk less beer I might have remembered all the names … the young newly named Wankidextrous and everyone else put their names into the famous BH3 record book after a good round of the Hash Hymn.

All the (hungry) hashers, having been on the run for almost 3 hours, then having been singing and gesticulation furiously, needed food. A new Hash resto had been found by Wash-n-Blow, so we wandered off to catch a tram and most of us just hoped no inspectors were about. All found the place OK, and Haggis joined us there. Good food and more fun for the evening was had, with some of the crowd eventually heading over to the French Institute for the Bastiel Day street party, with stands of cheese, wine, champagne and other froggie goods. We were lucky enough to run into Soft Porn who was waiting to get hold of some Ginger Pussy.

And so ended the day of our 900 run ! All of us eager to see the big 1000 celebrations in a few years time!

On On !!!!!

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