Friday, July 18, 2008

May ???, 2008, Hash # 896???


Hare : Heather – Mai 2008

The trail in question was the one we did in May on St Gellert’s Hill. Heather had laid the trail in the morning and I think that she went up and down St Gellert’s Hill at least 3 times to keep the whole group gathered. She did really well, running and walking at the same time. However, we lost someone about 50 meters after the departure.

It was quite predictable because the person in question had taken a big bag full of books with her + was dressed all in black though it was stunning warm that day. I guess you know now who I am talking about. On the way, we met some Germans who were astonished to hear English people speaking German (or the contrary, I can’t remember exactly now).

At the top of the hill, we stopped for a drink. From the top of St Gellert’s Hill, we went down behind the castle and then up in the castle. And then I have to stop here because unfortunately, I lost the group at that point. By the way, I got some important information on this trail: There are two sorts of elephants in the Budapest zoo: Some are from Africa and some from India. The discriminatory thing is that the ones from Africa had to move because of the reconstruction of the zoo, whereas the Indian ones were able to stay were they were. I’ve never been to the zoo but that could be a nice start for a trail. Nicht wahr?


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