Monday, July 21, 2008

July 13th Hash #901 - Rosadomb

Hash Number 901,

The Morning After

After the marathon length 900 Hash day I was sure there was not to be a morning after hash for me. But as the minutes ticked past 10:59, enthusiasm got the better of rational judgment and I momentarily forgot the ach in by quadriceps. With a bright sunny sky above and a foggy memory I trod the warming pavement to become the last arrival among a group of some 15 over zealous hashers including several out of town guests.

A trail was set by our very own GM, Sextax. It was reported that our co-GM Pussy Willow helped but I doubt it. The hash trail roamed the ups and downs of the second district including a customary stop at Gul Baba’s tomb, for the easterners among us I suppose. As the heat wore on runners split from the walkers for a nearer beer stop and rest. This stop turned out to be a relaxing experience on the roof top of the Bath next to Lucas Bath, the name of which escapes me.

When replenished it was then back on the short upward trail to the second beer stop at the GM’s flat. To our delight, host Pussy Willow had waiting snacks and ice-cold beer. Most likely to make up for an ill representation in the trail setting process. Nonetheless, their flat near the clouds was a welcomed belief from the heat. The rather lengthy beer stop came with the experience of viewing the British game of Cricket, or at least a part of one. And whether welcomed or not Pussy Willow provided excellent commentary on the rules.

After really cold beer, snacks and the Cricket match, much to my chagrin there was more hash trail to endure. And although the hare promised it was all downhill, it wasn’t really. But alas, we ended up in the vicinity of Moskva Ter and a nice, although late, lunch

Well that’s is your hash report, its not a long retort so drink it down, down, down etc.

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