Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 15th - #844 Széchenyi-Sashegy

Hares: Baldric and Virgin Nora


Please find attached your personal copy of the most recent dissertation made for your meticulous study and kind consideration, elaborated exclusively for serious hashers by our exceedingly respectable hashologist, the highly honored Dr. Cheesy Balls Ph.D.




I am once again challenged with the task of mating pen to parchment, err, rather fingers to keyboard, to recount the proceedings of Hash number 844. This destiny I must say was ruled in a greater part by the scheming and connivance from members of the mismanagement committee than to my tardiness.

And so the day began with a mustering of some 17 or more souls on bright glistening morning. We assembled at the usual rendezvous to await the sounding call of the hares Nora and Baldrick. Nora prompt as she was proved ill equipped to seize the moment and lead us toward the start of the hash course, not knowing exactly where it was. Thus we waited for Lord Baldrick, and waited and waited some more, long past my arrival I must say. Finally in a flurry of consternation, the spotted sun dome appeared. With little delay we sped off towards the base of Gellart hills and the start of the hash run/walk.

Pointing the way far above his now tarnished sphere, Lord Baldrick led the way. On up we ran, and walked, along a winding road, on up through a precipice and across an apple blossomed meadow. Then onward and further up through a wooded path and another winding road, on upward we sped, (well, maybe not exactly sped), but up further, more, up, and still more up. The %&$# hare had us running up for the better part of an hour. Finally we reached the supposed summit and beer stop.

Panting and sweating we anticipated the arrival of a cool one, only to find the beer stop was actually a pasty shop that did not sell beer. Learning of this dreadful miscalculation, the resourceful and quick-witted Lord Baldrick announced the course to another beer stop. With only a minor delay we were again upward bound following the cog railway for another kilometer to arrive at a second beer stop that, much to our delight actually did sell beer.

After a refreshing libation we were once again on the Baldrick trail. Down through a tree studded park we went, on down through a darkened forest path, down further across a meadow sparkling with dandelions and more down. Onto a roadway we trotted, down into a cemetery and through graveyards we went. Downward we descended, along another long roadway and still more down and down again. Finally far below our past respite we reached the starting point.

I cannot report on the events that occurred on the walk, however rumor has it that the trek was filled with lively conversation, ribald limericks suggestive cavorting, although we will never know for sure.

After quite a bit of further delay, walking laggards be held, the hash circle began. The Hares, Nora and Baldrick were accosted with the usual demonstrative accusations but most thought their course was inventive, picturesque and novel although it had its ups and downs.

The next order of business was to recognize two virgins. Nora, also a virgin hare, and Judith were summoned to the circle for the ritual proclamations. Nora exhibited some confusion and bewilderment at the accusation of being a virgin until it was explained that the term only applied to the Hash House Harrier group. But we thanked her for her confession and encouraged her to enlighten us with any details she might wish to share.

A returnee was next recognized. Natasha, after a two-year hiatus from the Hash has once again found the wisdom and fortitude to return to exercise, friendship, fresh air and a good measure of debauchery.

Offenses were dominated by the technology category, which drew many more members into the circle than those left to croon them. Yours truly along with a couple of cohorts were asked to submit to a down-down for reasons too frivolous to recall. And finally Baldrick was given another down-down for just being Baldric.

Thus ended the Hash circle number 844, to remain a distant memory to some and a vanquished one by most. The company less a few souls retired to enjoy further libations and a grand supper.

Yours truly,

Andy, aka Cheesy (surely I can get a better name) Balls


an amendum: An excellent meal was had by all takers who sped off for a very well camouflaged little étterem on the wrong side of the tracks at Kelenföld railway station. Cleverly disguised as a deserted shack amongst large gas pipes, on a rubble-strewn vacant lot, in the shadow of Wien Hotel, and on which I now guess is Május u. (XI), sits the eatery Réti Sas. The food recommendations by the NFG Nora were top notch.

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