Friday, April 27, 2007

Social Hash results

Hello hashers,

Well Thursday night's social at Bastille Bar was quite nice by all accounts aside from those that showed up; that is, the beer was cold, plentiful and cheap.

Arriving at 8:30 to view Smokey Donkey glumly staring at his small glass of mineral water. Alas, the test result have not been return meaning SD is on the wagon for another month. Doesn't matter, just means that there will be more for the rest of us!!!

Next came BB and the Dyke, who unfortunately will not be with us Sunday due to a long overdue trip the the hither regions of pre-Trianon Hungary. Please be careful with the driving as we need the hash-beer wagon to return in one piece.

After sitting and start his down-down, Cheesy Balls, relayed the story of Monday night's hash. Rabies, Cheesy, Hot Flush, and the out-of-towner, were bounding out of the woods, when the were set upon by a very angry and territorial animal, no, it wasn't Smokey. This foul beast decided to take a nibble of the nicest leg possible and since I don't run on Mondays, Hot Flush's was chomped on.

To make a long story short: blood was drawn, the dog ran off, owner summoned, a night of rest, infection set in, hospital visit, knives drawn, infection sliced out, bed rest required.

This is how I hear it so this is how I tell it. Everyone hope for a speedy recovery for you Hot Flush and we all missed you at the social.

Finally, Nora, who, on her virgin hash, was also hared, joined us. She is looking forward to making more runs, and of course more social events. She can't wait for a hash name said something about really wanting to go to San Francisco...

Once again hats off to Baldrick on his fantastic London run. I think I might be finishing up right about now.

See you all Sunday...


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