Tuesday, April 3, 2007

April 1st - #842 Nagy/KisKevely - April Fools’ Day

Hares: Bald run (Hare-less)

I went to the meeting place (Batthyany ter square, as always) with my car this time, yet I was arriving late, actually for the last. Accordingly, I was picked to write the report on the run. Here you are.

On the previous Sunday hash there were too many hashers and not enough cars. This time it went just the opposite way; there were too many cars and not enough hashers, so I could leave my Suzuki at the car-park of the meeting place.

Mismanagement Committee did their best again, no hares were assigned and no trail was laid on Fools’ Day, of course. Finally, Bursting Bladder came up with the idea to run up to the Nagykevely peak of the Pilis mountains, from the quarry nearby the village of Csobanka. The directions given directly by Bursting Bladder were fit for a hash Grand Master of his multitude, absolutely useless, I mean. By mistake the walkers first climbed the Kiskevely (“Little Pride”) instead of the Nagykevely
(“Huge Pride”), for instance. The runners got also lost several times in the maze of tourists, trails and caves.

At the end of the day the pack came together on the correct peak, the “Huge Pride”, admiring the great views around and the private huge pride of Incredible Hulk. Hulk tied his waist around his waist in a way implicating to have a constant erection. “Things like that make Hulk really Incredible!” admitted Agi, Hulk’s dear one with a blush.

Agi somehow managed again to escape the naming ceremony during the afterhash circle ritual. Liam (?) was not so lucky. Despite of being pretty fresh in BH3, he was baptized on the spot, without mercy. His new hash name is “Saint Anus” from now on. It has also something to do with beetles called “szentjanosbogar” in Hungarian, although this is the local name of firebug, an insect not visible in this season at all. Yes, RA Smokey Donkey has mixed up everything again, as usually. The riddle remains unsolved forever, unless one of you can debug it for me.

“If you go to hash baptizing, make sure to wear some flour in your hand!” This was sung when we all assisted the naming ceremony. Too bad, but all cameras broke down, no pictures could be made on this hash. You have to believe my witness alone; flour with beer show well on blond hair too.

*Editor’s notes:This time the editor and the scribe is the same person: Yours Sincerely OnOn, Rabies, the official local old fart.

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